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Celebrating Innovation and Sustainability Excellence

San Francisco, CA – January 11, 2024 — pH7 Technologies Inc. a pioneering B.C.-based cleantech firms been named on Cleantech Group’s 2024 Global Cleantech 100This annual list, now in its 15th year, serves as a definitive guide to the top companies making significant contributions to sustainable innovation.

The Global Cleantech 100 is a comprehensive showcase of the most promising private companies in the cleantech ecosystem.  The report will introduce you to the innovators with outstanding technologies, original business models, and bold plans that can enable us to act on the ever-increasing climate and environmental crisis.  

Selected through a thorough evaluation process, these companies provide sustainable solutions for a wide-ranging array of industry groups:

  • Agriculture & Food
  • Energy & Power
  • Materials & Chemicals
  • Resources & Environment
  • Transportation & Logistics

“These innovative companies are driving positive change and are at the forefront of enabling the global transition to a more sustainable future,” said Richard Youngman, CEO, Cleantech Group.  “The Global Cleantech 100 is a recognition of the market’s positive view on their progress to date and their potential impact in building a cleaner, decarbonized world.”

“We are honored to be among the 13 Canadian companies and numerous other fantastic cleantech companies on the 2024 Global Cleantech 100 list produced by Cleantech® Group.” said Mohammad Doostmohammadi, founder and CEO of pH7 Technologies. “We embarked on a mission to create a sustainable planet for future generations, driven by groundbreaking advancements in Sustainable extraction of critical metals. With the world shifting towards electrification and renewable energy sources, the green technologies we pioneer at pH7 will play a pivotal role in achieving net-zero emissions and reducing carbon impact.”

Key highlights of the 2024 Global Cleantech 100 include:

Diverse Industry Representation.  While all industry groups were well-represented, Energy & Power remained the largest in terms of recorded deals and money invested, with 42 companies on the list.  

Global Reach.  This year’s list includes companies from 21 countries, showcasing the international collaboration and impact of cleantech solutions.  The global nature of the list underscores the importance of all corners of the world addressing shared environmental challenges.

General Upward Trend Continues.  In contrast to other investment themes, funding for climate solutions comes out of 2023 showing robustness and remains upwardly trending.  

These featured companies will be recognized at the upcoming Cleantech Forum North America on January 22-24 in San Diego, CA.  Forum participants will have the opportunity to connect with many of the companies on the list, along with many other rising stars.  The Forum will showcase the latest trends, groundbreaking technologies, and foster collaboration within the cleantech community.

The Global Cleantech 100 program has been running since 2009, the last 11 years with the support of Chubb, the world’s largest property and casualty insurance company.

Download the Global Cleantech 100 complimentary report where Cleantech Group shares further insights and perspectives on the state of global cleantech innovation.

About pH7 Technologies

pH7 Technologies is a cleantech firm based in Vancouver, B.C., advancing the extraction of critical metals vital to the energy transition. pH7 Technologies has developed a proprietary closed-loop extraction process that increases the supply of critical metals and minerals with a near-net-zero environmental impact. With no toxic emissions, wastewater, or effluent and lower energy consumption, pH7 partners with mines, OEMs, and recyclers seeking to minimize their environmental footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.

About Cleantech Group

Cleantech® Group is the leading authority on global cleantech innovation.  Since 2002, our research has helped corporates, public sector, investors, and others, identify, assess, and engage with the innovative solutions and opportunities that are related to the world’s massive, and growing, environmental and climate challenges.​ Our insights and expertise are delivered to clients all over the world through our Research, Consulting, and Events.