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pH7 Technologies founder and CEO Mohammad Doostmohammadi leads the company’s strategic vision, mission and business operations, and oversees its ongoing R&D activities.

Backed by a Master’s degree in chemical engineering, an MBA from Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business and over 15 years of industrial experience in minerals extraction, processing, and wastewater management, Mohammad launched pH7 Technologies in 2020.

His aim: to innovate sustainable systems designed to help increase the global supply of critical metals in economically and environmentally superior ways. In doing so, pH7 would not only support mining sustainability, but also help facilitate the world’s transition to electrification and clean energy pathways, and conserve water, save energy and reduce emissions.

This was not his first commercial venture. Prior to forming pH7, Mohammad had developed five minerals extraction and wastewater processing plants globally, which he managed from ideation and R&D through to launch and commercialization.

Along the way, he built strong industry relationships based on shared values and goals rooted in a mutual belief that innovative chemical processes can play a vital role in reducing – and in some cases eliminating – industrial environmental footprints.

At pH7 Technologies, Mohammad’s vision is being realized through the company’s novel closed-loop critical minerals extraction processes, which offer an economically and environmentally superior way to extract in-demand minerals including Platinum Group Metals and copper from recycled materials and mine waste.


“Immediately upon earning a chemical engineering degree, I spent 15 years in chemical processes, a segment of our economy I believe is crucial to humanity’s continuing advancement. And thanks to my bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, I have been involved in the development of novel chemical processes in the mining and mineral industry over the last 10 years of my professional career.

As is now widely known, critical metals are essential to technologies ranging from AI and clean energy to the electrification of transportation systems and development of other technologies needed to combat global warming and other environmental threats. These precious materials are also growing increasingly scarce.

While I am a mining proponent, I have also witnessed this industry’s troubling output of wastewater and other environmental harms, including vast energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

From these experiences, and having grown up in a country where water is extremely scarce, I became deeply concerned that protecting the environment is crucial, not only for today but for humanity and the planet’s future. And so, I made a personal commitment to discover and develop better extraction methods, to support mining and our planet’s sustainability.

To that end, I am extremely proud of pH7 and our talented team’s accomplishments to date. From idea to lab, and pilot plant to industrial-scale commercialization, the development and deployment of our novel and superior means of economically, efficiently and cleanly extracting critical metals – not only from mine waste, but also recyclable materials – is game changing.

I firmly believe pH7 offers tremendous hope for industry and our planet – new pathways to wealth creation and the world’s responsible access to critical minerals urgently needed to meet the UN’s sustainability goals and Canada’s 2050 Net Zero commitments.

As far as we’ve come, pH7 is only now beginning to reveal its full potential. Propelled by our purposeful mission, we will continue to contribute to better business, a healthier economy, and a more livable planet for generations to come.”

Mohammad Doostmohammadi

Founder and CEO, pH7 Technologies Inc.


2024 SET100

(February 21, 2024)
Recognized among the Start Up and Energy Transition Award’s list of most promising climate tech and energy start-ups advancing innovative solutions and technologies to meet the urgent demands of our planet.

2024 Global Cleantech 100

(January 11, 2024)
One of 13 Canadian companies named in the annual Cleantech 100 for creating sustainable solutions to change the course of the climate crisis.

2023 Foresight 50

(November 8,2023)
Recognized among Canada’s most investible and inspiring cleantech ventures driving the transition to net zero.

2023 Clean50 and Clean16

(R&D) (Sept. 28, 2023)
Award winner in the research and development category, for innovative and proven cleantech solutions for critical metal extraction.


NREL Foundation 2024 Industry Growth Forum in Denver, CO from May 1-3, 2024
pH7 was among a select group of companies that presented pilot projects and demonstrations.

Set24 in Berlin, March 19, 2024
Selected among 14 finalists worldwide, pH7 presented innovative technologies for the clean extraction of critical metals essential for the energy transition.

Cleantech Forum North America, San Diego, January 22-24
Honoured as a 2024 Global Cleantech 100, pH7 explained how its sustainable closed-loop process is revolutionizing the critical minerals supply chain.


Teacher Assistant in Advanced Enhanced Oil Recovery – Iran. September 2008 – April 2009

Executive Secretary – 12th Iranian National Chemical Engineering Congress – Iran. November 2008


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