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pH7 Technologies secures strategic loan funding from RBCx

Vancouver, BC (November 23, 2023) pH7 Technologies (pH7), known for its expertise in the sustainable extraction of critical metals, announced today that it has secured a new US$5 million loan facility to support its capital and operating needs through the RBCx national CleanTech practice. 

This financial support comes at an important time as the company continues to grow and innovate in the field of critical metal extractions in an environmentally sustainable way to support the development of advanced technologies.

“pH7 is at a pivotal point of growth, especially as the demand for the innovative solutions and green technologies that we develop continues to increase around the world,” says Mohammad Doostmohammadi, founder and CEO, pH7 Technologies. “We’re pleased to work with a renowned platform like RBCx, which has always been a great supporter of cleantech companies that are focused on environmentally sustainable initiatives that are backed by strong economic models. We look forward to working with RBCx as we continue to explore new opportunities and build our capacity to scale our commercial operations and critical metal extraction solutions.”

pH7 Technologies is at the forefront of a transformative path forward in offering a specialized cleantech solution to extract critical metals necessary for the global transition to renewable and green energy. With the additional capital offered by RBCx’s loan facility, pH7 is well-positioned to expand its operational footprint across North America. 

“RBCx is committed to providing cleantech entrepreneurs with a comprehensive suite of advice and platform solutions to help them advance their environmentally sustainable innovations and accelerate their growth,” says Tony Barkett, Head of Banking, RBCx. “We’re proud to support pH7 Technologies by providing the funding they need for this next stage in their development so that they can continue to scale and pursue their bold ambitions.”


About pH7 Technologies

pH7 Technologies is a cleantech firm based in Vancouver, B.C., advancing the extraction of critical metals vital to the energy transition. pH7 Technologies has developed a proprietary closed-loop extraction process that increases the supply of critical metals and minerals with a near-net-zero environmental impact. With no toxic emissions, wastewater, or effluent and lower energy consumption, pH7 partners with mines, OEMs, and recyclers seeking to minimize their environmental footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.