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pH7 Technologies Shines at IPMI 2023: A Catalyst for Innovation in the Precious Metals Industry

pH7 Technologies’ third attendance of the IPMI 2023 conference in Scottsdale was a notable milestone for the company and CEO, Mohammad Doostmohammadi, who had the opportunity to share our mission and role in the global transition to renewable energy sources. As a key player in the critical metals industry, pH7 Technologies took center stage to shine the light on presenting our groundbreaking vision and the value we bring to the critical metals and PGM industry.

Connecting the Precious Metals Community

The International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) serves as a global platform for industry professionals, including business owners, C-level executives, scientists, consultants, market analysts, and suppliers, providing a forum for knowledge exchange and networking. IPMI explores key industry topics through regional and international chapters, working committees, seminars, and webinars. The highlight of IPMI’s calendar is its annual international conference, which brings together experts and stakeholders from around the world for insightful conversations and collaboration.

Bringing our Vision in Front of Industry Stakeholders

At this year’s conference, Mohammad spoke about our commitment to driving innovation in the precious metals industry, highlighting pH7 Technologies’ cutting-edge technology. The session provided insights into how our proprietary technology complements the industry’s transition to clean energy, with a closed-loop system that extracts PGM from end-of-life materials, including spent catalysts, fuel cells, and medical and dental equipment, and converts them into PGM catalysts for hydrogen technology and other applications. This resonated deeply with IPMI audiences, who also reiterated the urgency of embracing cleaner practices in operations.

pH7 Technologies’ presence generated buzz among IPMI 2023 attendees, with industry giants and well-known companies expressing keen interest to explore potential collaborations and partnerships. The response was nothing short of extraordinary. Having provided the opportunity to build new connections and reaffirm pH7 Technologies’ value within the precious metals sector, the IPMI conference has acted as a catalyst, connecting us to industry leaders who recognize the potential impact of our technology as the global momentum for the energy transition continues to grow.

A Positive Forward Look/Looking Ahead

Our participation at IPMI 2023 has opened up exciting possibilities for the future, with an overwhelming response from stakeholders in the critical metals and PGM industry, and new partnerships on the horizon. As the industry continues to evolve, pH7 Technologies remains at the forefront, ready to revolutionize the supply chain and lead the industry toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.