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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

pH7 Technologies is firmly committed to managing its activities to protect the environment and safeguard the health and safety of its employees, contractors, customers, the community, and all other stakeholders.

The management of Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) risk is embedded into pH7’s culture and processes. Everyone has an active part to play in effective HSE risk management to ensure a safe, secure, and profitable working environment.

The purpose of this policy, together with the HSE Manual for relevant team members, SOPs and guidance is to define pH7’s key requirements and principles about HSE to reduce the risk of harm to people and the environment and ensure that high standards are achieved at all locations around the world.

This policy and the associated HSE procedures are designed to achieve pH7’s corporate HSE objectives:

  • We aspire to zero harm to employees, contractors, customers, and all other stakeholders.
  • We will ensure compliance with applicable HSE laws and regulations in the country of operation and with all our own HSE requirements, whichever is the tighter requirement.
  • Process Safety Risk Management will be applied to prevent high-severity incidents such as fires, explosions, and the use of hazardous materials.
  • The design, manufacture and supply of products will be undertaken to our product lifecycle and sustainable business management standards.
  • We will fully embed the HSE Management System to maintain high standards and fulfil the challenge of ensuring continuous improvement in HSE performance.
  • We will take action and provide relevant support services to ensure we promote good mental well-being for all, both inside and outside of work.

This policy applies to everyone who works for us whether on a permanent or temporary basis, in any of our businesses, and locations in the world, including all employees, contractors and temporary staff (collectively, “Workers”) unless otherwise specified.

pH7 has developed a set of Safety Principles that set out what to expect from pH7 and what pH7 requires of all Workers.

  • All injuries and illnesses are preventable.
  • We are all responsible for preventing injuries and occupational illnesses.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Lifesaving Policies (LSPs) and Site Safety Rules must be followed.
  • pH7 will promote off-the-job health and safety awareness for its employees.

Every Worker at pH7 has a role to play and a responsibility for protecting the environment, preventing injuries, and preventing occupational illnesses.