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pH7 Technologies Spotlights Sustainable Mining Technology for Copper Extraction at PDAC 2024

Vancouver, BC (March 3, 2024) pH7 Technologies (pH7), the cleantech company advancing the sustainable extraction of critical metals, made its inaugural appearance as an exhibitor at the 2024 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Convention in Toronto earlier this month, bringing the company’s innovative technology in front of governments, companies and leading experts from across the global mineral exploration and mining industry. 

“PDAC offers an incredible opportunity for companies like ours to share insights and build connections with leading players in the mining space worldwide, as we collectively work towards securing the critical metal supply, enabling the energy transition and building a more sustainable future,” said Mohammad Doostmohammadi, founder and CEO of pH7 Technologies. “The breadth and depth of the conversations at PDAC 2024 was inspiring and truly validates the work we have been doing to develop copper extraction technologies that will enable more sustainable mining operations, but also accelerate our global path to net zero.”

pH7’s proprietary technology transforms the extraction of critical metals essential for the energy transition and electrification, such as copper, Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), nickel, cobalt etc., into more environmentally friendly processes. This sustainable heap-leaching closed-loop process can be incorporated in operational copper mines to extract copper from low-grade ores and tailings, i.e. elements that was previously unextractable, providing mining partners with a net-zero solution for sustainable and economical copper extraction with near zero water consumption. 

pH7 was among the over 26,000 participants and 1,100 exhibitors at PDAC 2024, making this one of the largest events in the association’s history. The 2024 convention served as a platform for dialogue with industry leaders, and with governments, creating new opportunities for business, investment and networking for the companies in the mineral exploration and mining sectors globally. 

Check out the slideshow below for some of the highlights from PDAC 2024:

 About pH7 Technologies

pH7 Technologies is a cleantech firm based in Vancouver, B.C., advancing the extraction of critical metals vital to the energy transition. pH7 Technologies has developed a proprietary closed-loop extraction process that increases the supply of critical metals and minerals with a near-net-zero environmental impact. With no toxic emissions, wastewater, or effluent and lower energy consumption, pH7 partners with mines, OEMs, and recyclers seeking to minimize their environmental footprint and achieve their sustainability goals.