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pH7 Technologies has been awarded $250,000 by MICA to implement a sustainable heap-leaching process for extracting copper from sulfide ore.

Vancouver, BC, June 26 2024 – pH7 Technologies, the inventor of a proprietary closed-loop critical metals extraction process that yields near-zero emissions while producing green hydrogen, is thrilled to announce it has been awarded $250,000 in Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) funding.

pH7 will use the MICA funding to implement a sustainable heap-leaching process for economically extracting copper from sulfide ores on the mine site.

Traditional heap leaching is used at mine sites to extract critical metals like gold, copper and silver from Oxide ore. The process involves spraying an acidic solution onto ore to dissolve the copper into a solution from oxide ores. Copper is then recovered from the solution through further processing. Heap leaching is widely recognized as one of the mining industry’s most environmentally and economically sustainable extraction processes. However, its practicality is confined to oxide ores, primarily due to the relatively slow and cost-inefficient chemical reactions required to extract copper from sulfide ores.

pH7’s innovative closed-loop process enables heap leaching of sulfide ores, accounting for over 80% of global copper deposits. pH7’s groundbreaking technology applied to copper heap leaching is expected to greatly reduce energy and water usage, minimize CO2 emissions, and nearly eliminate chemical waste. The process will improve the economy and increase mining revenue by extracting copper from low-grade ores that would otherwise be discarded. Additionally, pH7 Technologies’ heap leaching process produces green hydrogen on-site, reduces operation costs and provides a sustainable energy source for mining operations and machinery.

“We are honoured to receive MICA’s support,” said Mohammad Doostmohammadi, founder and CEO of pH7 Technologies. “This funding allows pH7 to continue advancing our patent-pending technology and its applications for sustainable and efficient critical metal extraction processes in mining. We are grateful to MICA for its confidence in our technology and vision.”

pH7 Technologies is dedicated to developing and commercializing critical metals extraction technologies that contribute to a sustainable future. By supporting pH7 Technologies and other innovators, MICA is helping to drive technological advancements considered essential to achieving a sustainable and low-carbon future.

About pH7 Technologies

Vancouver, B.C-based cleantech firm pH7 Technologies is the inventor of a novel closed-loop extraction process that supports the economical and sustainable access to critical metals considered essential to the world’s transition to a clean energy future. pH7 partners with mines, OEMs and recyclers seeking to maximize cost-effective metals recovery while minimizing their environmental footprints and achieving sustainability goals. For more information, please visit,

About MICA

Launched in 2021, the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) is dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of innovative technologies in the mining sector and to date, has attracted over $650 million of investible opportunities to advance mining. The MICA Network has six main partners across Canada, including the Bradshaw Research Institute for Minerals and Mining, InnoTech Alberta, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, MaRS, Groupe MISA, and the College of the North Atlantic. Through strategic investments and support, MICA aims to drive sustainable advancements and enhance the global competitiveness of the mining industry and will operate under MICA 1.0 until September 2026. For more information, please visit

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